A national voice for immigrant and refugee women’s wellbeing in Australia

Dr Adele Murdolo

Executive Director

Dr Adele Murdolo

Adele is a committed advocate and researcher for immigrant and refugee women’s rights and wellbeing and she has led the Multicultural Centre for Women’s Health as the Executive Director for 17 years. Adele is from an Italian migrant background. She has a PhD in history and women’s studies, specialising in immigrant and refugee women’s feminist activism and thinking in Australia. She has published in the areas of women’s health, violence against women and feminist history, adopting an intersectional framework. Recent publications and research projects can be found here.

Adele is passionate about building the status of immigrant and refugee women by translating theory and research into practice and policy. She provides evidence-based advice to government and partner organisations and is a member of key national and Victorian committees including the Australian National Research Organisation for Women’s Safety (ANROWS) Practitioner Engagement Group, the Victorian Government Ministerial Taskforce on the Prevention of Family Violence and Other Forms of Violence Against Women, and the Royal Women’s Hospital Board Primary Care and Population Health Advisory Committee.

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