Training is currently only available for online delivery

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Meet the Training Team

Caroline Ridler
Caroline Ridler, Senior Training Officer


Image of Bibiana Huggins, a young woman smiling at the camera
Bibiana Huggins, Training Officer


Why train with us

People who train with us:

  • deepen their understanding of culture and gender
  • gain practical tips on effective cross-cultural engagement
  • receive current, evidence-based, sector relevant information
  • learn in a safe, inclusive and welcoming environment
  • gain an understanding of theory relevant to everyday practice

MCWH operates from an intersectional feminist approach and can share first-hand knowledge of how this approach can be applied to different policy and practice settings. Learn more about our story.


Training Schedule for 2020


Currently MCWH is delivering all training online.

Contact the training team for more information about upcoming training or to make a booking for your organisation.


Our clients

MCWH has provided training for health, community and government organisations. We specialise in working with:

  • health professionals
  • bilingual and bicultural workers
  • women's health services
  • community and social services
  • multicultural and ethno-specific services
  • government services
  • industry and workplaces
  • educational institutions
  • community organisations

PACE training participant, September 2019

I was very nervous when I joined this course because I was too shy to say anything. But now I learnt to just say it, just to shake it out. Now I can speak in front of all of you. I feel good!

PACE training participant

Multilingual Women’s Health Education Course, July 2021E

The course overall was really great. the reading materials was really helpful. I have gained knowledge from the course and find it really helpful.

Health Education Course Participant

Multilingual Women’s Health Education Course, July 2021D

Definitely this course has a huge impact in my life. Have learnt so much information and great experience as well. Learning more about women's health is totally amazing and at the same an eye opener, never thought some of the issues I have across during the training are existing and those things should not be ignored.

Health Education Course Participant

PACE August 2021b

Great program I attended. I'm looking forward to the future opportunities of collaboration so that we can link many Nepalese migrant women to the various available services and raise awareness on health issues.

Manju Khadka, National Women Coordinator Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA) Australia

Multilingual Women’s Health Education Course, July 2021F

The health topics and content focused on women’s which is important and relevant to my role. The learning environment was very encouraging and felt safe to participate. The trainers were very open minded and tried to meet the needs of the participants.

Health Education Course Participant

PACE Course, July 2021B

I really appreciate your excellent work and guidance. I enjoyed with this program while participating & sharing our experiences also.

PACE training participant

PACE training participant, July 2019

It has been an amazing journey. I met new friends, discovered a lot about myself, and about Australian politics and health. It's a brilliant course, and really informative for women. bring together everyone onto the same platform.

PACE training participant

Multilingual Women’s Health Education Course, July 2021A

The training is remarkable: able to open my eyes to the world of health education in Australia in such a short time.

Health Education Course Participant

PACE training participant, March 2019

"This has been a fantastic program that has put fire back in my life and I don’t want to lose this motivation to continue doing things for myself. It’s about time I did that."

Inaugural PACE Participant, 2009

Multilingual Women’s Health Education Course, July 2021B

I found the quality of training exceptional. The trainers were well informed, the guest speakers were fabulous and the course material was extensive.

Health Education Course Participant