Evidence and research relating to migrant women's health in Australia

MCWH takes an evidence-based approach to migrant and refugee women's health. Many issues impact on the health and wellbeing of migrant and refugee women including gender, class, ethnicity, discrimination, geography, sexuality, age, migration and settlement history, family situation, employment, visa status, identity and language.

Evidence about Australian migrant and refugee women's health is limited. This includes what we know about the best practices and strategies for supporting and promoting migrant women's health. Claims about cultural differences in migrant women's attitudes and behaviours in relation to health and wellbeing are often made without any evidence to support them.

Read our Research Statement for more information about our approach to research and key challenges that can arise for researchers in this field.

Multicultural Centre for Women's Health Sexual and Reproductive Data Report

MCWH produces a national data report that summarises the latest available data across a range of areas that impact on the sexual and reproductive health of immigrant and refugee women. View the most current version of the Sexual and Reproductive Health Data Report.

Comparison of overseas-born and Australian born women's methods of birth in Australia in 2013 (AIHW 2015)

Australian population statistics from the Australian Bureau of Statistics Census of Population and Housing 2016.

MCWH Research Projects and Publications

MCWH is proud to have contributed to the evidence-base for migrant and refugee women's health in Australia and internationally.

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Call for Papers

Multicultural Centre for Women’s Health is hosting a 2-day national Multicultural Women’s Reproductive and Sexual Health Conference on 27-28 February 2020 in Melbourne. The conference will share current evidence, new research, and innovative and proven practices to contribute to and…