About us

MCWH is a not-for-profit organisation making women’s health work for migrant and refugee women. We believe in health equity and education.

We make women’s health work for migrants and refugees in Australia

Multicultural Centre for Women’s Health (MCWH) is a community-based, not-for-profit organisation led by, for and with women from migrant and refugee backgrounds.

We increase migrant and refugee women’s opportunities for health and wellbeing in Australia through bilingual health education, advocacy and leadership.

Our Story

Multicultural Centre for Women's Health began it's life in 1978 in inner city Melbourne, Australia. A small team of bilingual women were trained to discuss family planning options with migrant women working in the clothing factories.

To celebrate our 40th Anniversary in 1978, we made a short video about our history. We are grateful to the many hundreds of migrant and refugee women and feminist allies whose activism, direction and work shaped MCWH today.

Our Approach


An intersectional and feminist approach means seeing the many ways women's lives, health and decisions are impacted by overlapping social and institutional forces.

Women led

Since 1978, we have worked for the recognition of migrant and refugee women as leaders, experts, agents for change, decision makers and active participants in their health and well-being.


Building a clearly communicated evidence-base and dispelling assumptions around migrant women's health is central to increasing all women's opportunities for better health and access to better services.


Together we are stronger. Building relationships with partner organisations adds value to existing work and opens more doors to health for migrant women.


Our Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan 2022-2026 has a new Vision and Purpose for the future of our organisation, which we invite you to share.

Read the Message from the MCWH Chair of the Board

Read the full Strategic Plan 2022-2026  PDF (298KB) or Word (742KB)

View our Strategic Plan Summary 2022-2026 (PDF 169KB)


Annual Report 2022 - 2023

Strengthening migrant women's health and wellbeing for 45 years.

Download our Annual Report 2022-2023 pdf.



Our Budget Bid 2024-25

MCWH is calling for meaningful investment in migrant and refugee women’s health and wellbeing in the next Victorian Budget.

Download Budget Bid 2024-25 pdf

Download Budget Bid 2024-25 word