PACE Women’s Leadership Program

Our innovative PACE leadership program builds migrant women’s capacity to Participate, Advocate, Communicate and Engage.

PACE Women’s Leadership Program

What is the PACE Women’s Leadership program?

Multicultural Centre for Women’s Health runs a leadership program for migrant and refugee women, called PACE: Participate, Advocate, Communicate and Engage.

The program aims to build migrant and refugee women’s capacity to:

  • Participate in the workforce, civic and community life
  • Advocate on issues that concern you to make a positive change
  • Communicate leadership qualities and skills, and
  • Engage with issues and others in the community for the purposes of providing ongoing support to other migrant and refugee women

a group of women from different backgrounds standing together in celebration

Who is this program for?

This program is for any migrant and refugee women living in Victoria who:

  • have lived in Australia for less than five years or are looking for work or re-entering workforce.
  • want to improve their communication skills.
  • want to gain confidence.
  • want to participate in community or engage with social issues.

Participants do not need any prior knowledge to attend the PACE program. However, a basic level of English is required.

Upcoming training

FAST PACE single sessions

Our one hour FAST PACE single sessions are a fun way to learn about leadership using PACE (Participate, Advocate, Communicate and Engage) principles.

Perfect for people who can’t attend the full program, or want to try our program before registering.

Full programs (Five day training)

Our full program is an interactive course for migrant women to learn about communication, public speaking, setting goals and workplace skills. Using our PACE principles (Participate, Advocate, Communicate and Engage), our five-day program will build your confidence to be leaders in your personal life, community or workplace.

Program 1

1 October – 29 October: Every Friday for five weeks from 10am – 12pm*

Program 2  

1 November – 29 November: Every Monday for five weeks from 6pm – 8pm*

*Update: Our programs are fully booked! If you would like to join the waitlist or to learn about upcoming dates in 2022, please contact Mi and Feifei at 

Where is the training

At the moment, all sessions will be delivered online.

How long is the training

We offer single sessions and full programs (five sessions).
Each session runs for 2 hours.

What makes PACE training different?

PACE is based on best practice and evidence

The PACE Program is based on national and international best practice recommendations for women’s leadership programming.

PACE takes an intersectional approach

The program focuses on both individual and structural issues related to gender equality. It aims to build migrant and refugee women’s personal and community-level skills.

PACE is designed to meet women on their own terms

The PACE program delivers workshops in local areas and at a time that suits migrant women. During the pandemic, MCWH supports participants to access the program online.

PACE recognises many forms of leadership

This program acknowledges that leadership can take many different forms. It supports women to recognise and embrace leadership in ways that build on their existing strengths.