Gambling awareness brochures in Assyrian, Dari, Hazaragi, Punjabi, Tamil and simple English

An image of all the gambling brochures with different illustrations of the negative impacts of gambling

MCWH has worked in collaboration with community organisations in Victoria, project partners and the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation to produce five new factsheets to raise awareness about gambling and potential harms related to gambling and gaming.

“How does gambling affect my life”
Assyrian brochure English translation of Assyrian brochure

“Gambling is not a fast way to make money”
Dari brochure  English translation of Dari brochure

“What else can your kids do with their digital devices”
Hazaragi brochure  English translation of Hazaragi brochure

“Sports betting and road to recovery”
Punjabi brochure  English translation of Punjabi brochure

“How does gambling affect my life”
Tamil brochure  English translation of Tamil brochure