Multicultural Centre for Women's Health: A national voice for migrant & refugee women's wellbeing in Australia
Women’s Sexual And Reproductive Health

Women’s Sexual And Reproductive Health

Women's Sexual And Reproductive Health
Since 1978 MCWH has been talking to migrant women about their sexual and reproductive health. We work across Victoria and Australia to provide:
  1. Free national access to multilingual women’s health information
  2. A national network of multicultural women’s health services
  3. Sexual and reproductive health education
  4. Family and Reproductive Rights Education Program
  5. Policy input and advice
  6. Cross-cultural support for health service providers
  7. Evidence and research findings

For free sexual and reproductive health information sent to you in any language, call 1800 656 421 during business hours or visit our contact page.


Multicultural Women's Health Australia (MWHA)

MCWH is proud to lead and co-ordinate a national network of services with a shared commitment to immigrant and refugee women’s health.
Our state and territory partners include:

Women’s Centre for Health Matters (ACT)
Women’s Health at Work Program (NSW)
Melaleuca Refugee Centre (NT)
Immigrant Women’s Support Service (QLD)
Migrant Health Service (SA)
Red Cross Tasmania (TAS)
Ishar Multicultural Centre for Women’s Health (WA)
Multicultural Centre for Women’s Health (VIC)

MCWH is funded by the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services and the Commonwealth Department of Health.

For more information about our sexual and reproductive health programs, contact us on (03) 9418 0999 or via email on our contact page.