Multicultural Centre For Women's Health


Common Threads

MCWH provides cross-cultural and gender equality training with a difference. We provide an approach rather than a toolkit and work with organisations and individuals to see the bigger picture when delivering services to migrant and refugee women.

Common Threads

Gendered cross-cultural training in sexual and reproductive health for health professionals and community workers who work with immigrant and refugee women.

Common threads: gendered cross-cultural training is a challenging new course that explores linkages between individual and broader structural issues, between theory, policy and practice and the complexities that are embedded in every day work with immigrant and refugee women, particularly in the area of sexual and reproductive health.

MCWH's cross-cultural workshop is an approach, rather than a toolkit. During this workshop, participants are encouraged to look both inwards and outwards, to reflect on their practice, and develop strategies to improve in their work with immigrant and refugee women.

The course consists of three modules that usually takes place over 2 days, however modules can be tailored and modified to suit your organisation's needs.


Content overview

  • Understanding culture, intersectionality, power and privilege
  • Overview of migration and settlement issues for immigrant and refugee women
  • Individual, cultural and structural challenges
  • Best practice principles for working with immigrant and refugee women



Cross cultural training 1

I now understand cultural awareness as a process rather than a ‘competency mentality’ and an understanding that it is a collaborative approach rather than knowing all the right things.

Training participant