WRAP #82: Women’s leadership, workplace equality, 60 Seconds with Kathy Nguyen

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Today marks Day Two of the 16-Days of Activism against Gender Based Violence. It's an international campaign and here in Australia, there are so many great events running to get you active on this important issue, including MCWH’s Workplace Equality Forum where we will launch our workplace-based model for preventing violence against migrant and refugee women. More on that here!

Of course (but not inevitably), gendered violence happens every day to migrant and refugee women everywhere. So we think every day should be a day of activism for migrant and refugee women’s equality and wellbeing. As migrant women, we also think that the most powerful activism for migrant women starts with us, and with migrant women's leadership. Our efforts to prevent gendered violence and intervene early can not only benefit women’s health, but also the health and wellbeing of their families, communities and workplaces.

So this month we take some time to reflect on what leadership means and what it could look like if it was defined by migrant women. And while we’re on the topic of migrant women leading the way, we spend 60 seconds with one of our own organisational leaders, MCWH Operation Manager Kathy Nguyen.

Until next time,

The WRAP Team