WRAP #71: Hear Me Too, sexual harrassment and 60 seconds with Hoa Pham

If you haven’t noticed, the 16 Days of Activism against gender-based violence has begun! It’s a global campaign, it’s positive, it’s powerful and it is ORANGE!

So orange in fact that Respect Victoria, our new statutory body to prevent violence against women, has given us all the green light to thrown down the ‘orange card’ to call out gender inequality, marginalisation and discrimination wherever we see it!

Feeling empowered to call things as we see them, we’ve made sure that this issue is all about our take on preventing violence against women. And since our 40th birthday has put us in the mood to celebrate, this #16Days we are being particularly loud and proud about all the migrant women and migrant women’s organisations that work tirelessly to end gender-based violence!

Yes, there is more to do, but promoting gender equality includes celebrating our achievements as migrant women and that’s what we’re doing!

So thank you to all the migrant women and migrant women’s groups promoting gender equality, supporting other women and being amazing role-models for women everywhere!

Speaking of women we admire, one of our role-models just happened to start working in our very own office. We thought we’d share our good fortune by publishing 60 seconds with the brilliant writer, playwright, psychologist and founder of Peril, Hoa Pham.

Until next time,
The WRAP Team