The WRAP #72: The spirit of partnership, the gift of a lifetime and 60 seconds with Lilac Limpangog

Staff gathering at the 2018 MCWH End of Year Party

Before we dive head-first into 2019, it’s always great to pause and think about what we accomplished. And what a year of growth and reflection!

Not only has MCWH physically grown in size this year, with a host of brilliant new staff, it has also matured into a confident 40-year old organisation, with a lot of knowledge, a lot of experience and a lot to say about how we can make positive changes for migrant women’s health.

And we are making our voice heard. This year we were privileged and proud to add our voice to national conversations about women’s health and wellbeing, particularly the National Women’s Health Policy; the National Strategic Approach to Maternity Services; the Submission to the Victorian Family and Community Development Committee Public Inquiry into Perinatal Services; the Fourth Action Plan of the National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children; and the recently tabled Submission to the Select Committee on Stillbirth Research and Education.

Being heard is powerful. We’d like to thank each of you who read the WRAP for reading and sharing our take on Women’s Research Advocacy and Policy in health. It encourages us to continue and we really value your support and feedback.

This WRAP we are bursting with gratitude for support like yours and it’s made us think about giving. We’re talking about collaboration and organ donation. And to end the year, we’d like to introduce you to one of our newest faces: our Research, Advocacy and Policy Manager, Dr Lilac Limpangog.

Until next year!
The women of MCWH