The WRAP #57: Marriage equality, reframing research and 60 seconds with Solmaz Yavari

This WRAP arrives in your inbox on a sad note with the passing of Victorian Minister for Women, Fiona Richardson last week. We have lost a fearless advocate for women across Victoria and everywhere. We’d like to share our deepest sympathy to the Minister’s family, friends and colleagues. A State memorial service will be held this Thursday.

It also arrives at a time of anticipation over the possible upcoming vote on same-sex marriage. So we’ve decided to offer our take on how the vote might impact immigrant and refugee women as well. Still feeling inspired by our national two-day Evidence for Equity: Multicultural Women’s Reproductive and Sexual Health Conference with TRUE Relationships Queensland, we’ve got something to say about researching immigrant and refugee women’s issues. Finally, best for last, we’ve got our regular 60 seconds with another wonderful WRAP reader, Solmaz Yavari.

Until next time,
The WRAP Team