The WRAP #36- Myths, migrant workers and 60 Seconds with Dr Nadia Chaves

As September comes to a close, we reflect on a month where the world stopped as we watched unprecedented numbers of refugees flee the Middle East to seek refuge in Europe. We were touched by the nations and people who welcomed the refugees with open arms and could not understand why other nations decided to close their borders.  In Australia, we have seen the benefits of giving everyone ‘a fair go’: through the years we’ve seen the successful settlement of migrant families seeking a better life and who have enriched Australia in many ways.

In this month’s WRAP we look at how words such as ‘a fair go’ in women’s health and employment don’t always readily translate into action.  We re-examine why women deserve the right to access sexual and reproductive health services, including safe and legal abortion, without stigma and harassment and why “the right to life” should first, and foremost apply to a woman’s right to make choices relevant to her own life. We also look at how international students and migrant workers continue to be exploited when it comes to equal wages and fair working conditions in Australia.

We also chat to Dr Nadia Chaves and her reflections on migrating to Australia and working in the refugee health sector.

Until next time,
The WRAP Team