‘Cultivating Culture, Unravelling Racism.’

Positioning, pitching and promoting a cultural training program

Earlier this year MCWH was pleased to sponsor a group of highly motivated students from the University of Melbourne’s Graduate Certificate in Advanced Learning and Leadership program (GCALL).

The GCALL program is taken alongside doctoral study and aims to develop students’ skills in leadership, project management, cross-disciplinary problem solving and communication. An important component of the program involves working collaboratively as an interdisciplinary team to manage solutions to ‘real world issues’.

This is the third year in a row that MCWH has sponsored GCALL students to undertake a specific project related to our goals, as we also gain a lot from providing the opportunity to work collaboratively to plan, develop and manage an important project.

This year, the team was asked to explore different ways to position and pitch MCWH’s unique cross-cultural training program and promotion of our training philosophy. After an initial consultation with MCWH about our training approach, the students developed a number of key objectives and outcomes for the project. Over a number of months, the students researched and reviewed cross-cultural training programs both nationally and internationally and produced various visual prototypes that MCWH could develop as a promotional tool for the course.

Thanks to the fabulous team: Marek Cmero, Irina Herrschner, Jyh Liang Hor, Rebecca Jordan and Wei Tong for their commitment, creativity, enthusiasm and inquisitiveness. We are currently exploring ways we can build upon their fantastic work.

You can view some of the prototypes that came out of their work here and here.