Engaging Men from Multicultural and Faith-Based Communities in Primary Prevention

Banner reads 'Engaging Men from Multicultural and Faith-based Communities in Primary Prevention'.

For gender equality and violence prevention activities to be effective, they need to engage everyone, including men and boys from multicultural and faith-based communities. By addressing barriers to engagement, highlighting the benefits of prevention activities, and consulting with communities to build trust and capacity, prevention practitioners can support men from multicultural and faith-based communities to meaningfully participate in primary prevention.

This resource draws on the existing evidence base, as well as practice examples from members of the Connecting Communities network, to outline their learnings, tools, insights and strategies for working with multicultural and faith-based men.

This resource has been developed as part of the Connecting Communities program, a partnership program between the Multicultural Centre for Women’s Health (MCWH) and Safe and Equal to support the learning and professional development needs of a network of organisations working with multicultural and faith-based communities to prevent violence against women in Victoria since 2022, through the Victorian Government’s Supporting Multicultural Communities to Prevent Family Violence Grant Program.