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‘Women’s health funding has dropped from $4 to $2 per Victorian woman’: Health alliance calls for urgent funding fix

“Women’s health funding has eroded from $4 per woman upon commencement in 1988, to $2 per Victorian woman today. That is an effective cut of 50% due to population growth having to be absorbed by under pressure women, staff and governance committees.”
A brightly coloured illustration of a waiting room full of women from different backgrounds and walks of life, expressing different health needs. On the waiting room floor it reads 'We can't keep waiting. Invest in women's health care and wellbeing'

Valuing migrant women’s health

In the area of health, equitable funding for women’s health services, which keeps up with population growth, is long overdue. Over time, funding for the women’s health program in Victoria has eroded from $4 per woman to $2 per Victorian woman today. When it comes to the million migrant women living in Victoria, the amount MCWH receives in funding is a very inadequate 68c per woman.