Women’s health service launches program to give multilingual health education access to migrants and refugees

Excerpted from Women’s Agenda
Article by Brianna Boecker
Published 22 July 2022

As one of the most culturally and linguistically diverse countries in the world, this latest evidence highlights the critical need for health education programs tailored to migrant and refugee communities in Australia.

Stepping in to provide this vital resource is The Multicultural Centre for Women’s Health (MCWH), a Melbourne-based, not-for-profit organisation and the only migrant and refugee women-run Women’s Health Service in Victoria. Their latest program, Health in My Language, aims to improve vaccine literacy, increase vaccine confidence and decrease barriers to navigate the vaccination system.

MCWH’s National Program Manager, Dr. Regina Torres-Quiazon doesn’t think the report’s latest evidence should be viewed as merely a ‘migrant’ issue. She says, “The latest census shows we [migrants] now make up 51% of the population- we need to acknowledge that it’s indicative of an entrenched structural problem in our health systems.”

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