Media Release: New funding to address the health impacts of FGM/C

Multicultural Centre for Women’s Health is pleased to note that the Commonwealth Government 2022-23 Budget has committed $1.7 million over three years to support community-led approaches to the prevention of female genital mutilation, including $700,000 in funding for the Multicultural Centre for Women’s Health to deliver activities to address the health impacts of female genital mutilation on women and girls. The investment will also support health workforce training to address the health impacts of these harmful practices.

FGM/C is a practice that has no health benefit and violates the rights of children, girls and women. With this kind of investment, leaders in every state and territory, who have been working tirelessly to bring an end to FGM/C globally, can continue to share information, amplify their messages and shape appropriate health responses and support for anyone living in Australia who has undergone the practice.

“MCWH is extremely proud of what we have already achieved in coordinating FGM/C advocacy and education in Australia through the National Education Toolkit for FGM/C Awareness. We are grateful for the ongoing support of the Commonwealth Government in addressing this issue, and their recognition and trust on the basis of our work in this space,” said Adele Murdolo, Executive Director of Multicultural Centre for Women’s Health

“It’s gratifying that after many years of advocating for the importance of community-led approaches and solutions, it seems the message is finally starting to be heard.”

The news comes just in time for the start of the first NETFA Leadership Program, a unique opportunity for people of all ages who want to help lead positive change in their communities and bring an end to the practice of FGM/C globally.