WRAP #69: Leadership, Ending endometriosis myths and 60 seconds with Mojo Juju

We are exactly a month away from our very special Gala night to celebrate 40 years of migrant women’s health in migrant women’s hands. It’s going to be decadent and we hope you can join us, not only to raise your glasses to four decades of migrant women’s work but also to raise some money for migrant women’s health in the future.

Two organisations have already shown their support in an incredible way. On top of Costa Group, our major sponsor, now The Heart Foundation and Cititec Systems have become ‘I ♥ MCWH’ Sponsors. Both of these organisations are already close to MCWH’s heart; The Heart Foundation has been an amazing long-time partner of MCWH and Cititec performs the vital function of keeping MCWH’s computers and networks running like a dream.

We are talking about women’s leadership this WRAP because the Gala is going to be a night of migrant women taking the lead: the vibrant Ruth de Souza will be guiding us through a gorgeous night of eating and entertainment, amazing writer Michelle Law will be stimulating our minds and the glorious Thando who will sing us out and onto the dance floor to rock our bodies.

But our latest and greatest news is that Mojo Juju will be performing and it’s going to be food for the soul. Her ’60 seconds’ interview is already hugely inspiring, so if you haven’t found motivation yet to buy a ticket, read on.

Of course, even though we are Gala-obsessed a lot of other important things are happening for migrant women. This week is sexual and reproductive health week and we want to clear up some of the myths around endometriosis.

Until next time,
The WRAP Team