‘Work on that gap’: Indigenous, culturally diverse women struggle for family violence support

Five years after the Royal Commission into Family Violence, MCWH Executive Director Adele Murdolo offered her reflections on its impact for migrant women.

Excerpted from The Age
Article by Simone Fox-Koob

Adele Murdolo, the head of the Multicultural Centre for Women’s Health, said five years on from the commission they needed to see long-term funding invested in prevention programs for migrant communities.

“If we don’t start thinking of it as long-term ongoing work, then we are really not going to get that reduction in the incidents of family violence down the track.

“We need to do something about that disconnect between the frameworks and the on-the-ground implementation right across the reform. And unless we get that right, it’s just going to be a little add on that doesn’t make much of a difference to anyone.”


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