Videos about abortion in Burmese, English, Farsi, Korean, Italian, Turkish, Spanish, Swahili and Vietnamese

Multicultural Centre for Women’s Health have adapted a video made by Women’s Health Grampians, to explain:

  • your legal right to abortion in Victoria,
  • the types of abortion available,
  • how to get an abortion, and
  • who to contact.

The videos have been produced with support from 1800 My options and The Victorian State Government.

For more information, or to find a service near you, call 1800 My Options (1800 696 784) or visit

Watch in Korean |낙태 – 한국어 
Watch in Turkish | Kürtaj – Türk 
Watch in Spanish | Aborto – Español 
Watch in Vietnamese | Phá thai – Tiếng Việt 
Watch in Swahili | Utoaji mimba – Kiswahili
Watch in Dari | ری – سقط جنین