Intersectionality training series

Intersectionality training is a series of five training modules on the theory and application of intersectionality in the prevention of violence against women and children. This training is suitable for those who want to ensure that their service delivery, project work and policy planning promotes gender equality and social justice.

Participants will leave with a clear understanding of what intersectionality is, what it is not and its impact on the history and practice of feminism.

Topic Modules

  1. Understanding culture, race and gender
  2. Intersectionality 101: An introduction
  3. Intersectionality in policy and practice
  4. Applying intersectionality to the Prevention of Violence against Women
  5. Engaging immigrant communities in the Prevention of Violence against Women

Learning options and information


  • 2.5 hour zoom sessions per module


  • Face-to –face group sessions (4 hour duration per module)

Course structure

We recommend that you complete this course in the suggested sequence.


You don’t need any prior knowledge to take Intersectionality training. Completion of the Foundational module is prerequisite for undertaking Advanced and Applied modules.