The WRAP#53- The complexity of culture, what's normal anyway?, and 60 Seconds with Resika KC.

As the days are getting shorter, and the nights are getting colder, we thought it was a good time of year to start bringing people together.

We are thrilled to announce the inaugural networking night (the first of many we hope) at our office in Collingwood. The Multicultural Women’s Network is a platform for women to socialise, share research, knowledge, and information about their work across different areas concerning migrant and refugee women’s health and wellbeing, such as the prevention of violence against women, women’s health, gender equity, and asylum seeker and refugee issues. We are pleased to invite you to join us!

We are also looking forward to our upcoming conference: Evidence for Equity, in partnership with True Relationships and Reproductive Health. The conference aims to create a platform for health practitioners and consumers to improve migrant and refugee women’s reproductive and sexual health outcomes, so if you’re interested in attending you can now register.

In this month’s WRAP we take a close look at the cultural and social complexities that come with being a migrant, question what it is to be “normal”, and last but not least, we have 60 Seconds with Resika KC, who gives her own reflections on culture and diversity.

Until next time,
The WRAP Team