The WRAP #90: 60 seconds with Saranya Pranav

Saranya Pranav is a graduate of our PACE Women’s leadership program. She is a Peer Educator at Women’s Health in the North and a Master of International Development student

What are you enjoying doing at the moment?
I have been trying different recipes. Yes, I love cooking. It is part of our culture; it has nurtured our daily life. Trying different recipes has made cooking very interesting and I feel excited about the output. It also helps reduce my anxiety and low moods during lockdown. The food I prepare not only includes the ingredients and flavours I add, but it also reflects my involvement; it expresses my love; it is a medium to express myself to the special one who is going to try my recipes.

What is your best quality or attribute?
I believe I have a great smile. It always helps boost my mood and makes me happier. It creates positive vibes and people feel comfortable around me. I like my smile very much.

If you could give one piece of advice to someone new to Australia, what would it be?
Do not underestimate yourself. Believe in yourself to achieve your dream. Your confidence, hard work, and dedication can help your success.  Yes, you will face some hard times, but that is not your end. Finding your confidence can help you get through it.

Tell me about an amazing woman you know.
The woman I have most admired throughout my life is a living angel who taught me good manners, honesty, understanding, forgiveness, and humanity: my mum, Naguleswary. She’s taught me that if you would like to serve the world or change the system, you do not need to be rich or powerful. It is all about your attitude and what you do to help the people around you. I have always admired my mum’s simplicity and the way she treats others with generosity and kindness, helping others the way she can, and thinking positively to overcome struggles. I should also mention that she is the one who taught me to smile to make my life beautiful.

What could you never be without?
Self-motivation. It always helps to perform my roles and responsibilities uniquely. It has made me a special person in my family. It has stimulated my interest and involvement in my studies. It supports me to succeed in my professional career and also helps immerse me in my hobbies more creatively. Every day, it moulds me into a new person and helps me achieve my life goals.

Finish this sentence: “We need women’s leadership because….”
Women are super-powered human beings. Every day, we break down barriers, showing others what we can do, and proving what we can achieve. We are great multi-taskers, work-life balancers, strong communicators, visionary people, with emotional intelligence. Women’s leadership is not only about demonstrating our leadership, but empowering other women too.

Finish this sentence: “We need feminism because….”
It is not about hating men or female superiority. It is about basic human rights. Gender inequality, judgmental thinking, and male domination disadvantages women. We need feminism so the present and future generations of women feel empowered, and can achieve their life goals in their own way regardless of their gender, sexuality, ethnicity, Aboriginality, religion, or other identities. We need feminism to create positive change all over the world.

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