The WRAP #85: Time for universal healthcare, Social solidarity in a time of physical distance and 60 seconds with Alejandra Pineda

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What a difference a month makes.

For all of us, the world we live in, the way we spend each day, the conversations we are having and how we are having them, have all changed rapidly and will continue to do so, as we come together (and stay away!!) to give everyone the best chance we can to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

Like so many other organisations, MCWH have needed to cease face-to-face education sessions to help contain the pandemic. However, we have doubled the advocacy! From our home offices, we are still thriving, working and collaborating and we hope that you are too.

For many of us, our thoughts are with those we love overseas. The anxiety and uncertainty created by distance is something we, as migrants, already understand well. However, at times like these, we offer our thoughts and hearts to everyone fearing for their families and friends in other parts of the world, particularly those worse affected than Australia. We also send our care and strength to everyone struggling with the increased isolation. The pandemic has brought back difficult memories for staff and friends who have been through experiences of social upheaval, austerity and war as refugees. It is vital that we don't neglect the importance of our mental health while we work together to protect our physical health.

This WRAP we thought we'd continue the conversation about COVID-19, unpack the fear, look at the gendered impacts of the pandemic and name some of those inequalities that this crisis has made even more apparent and more urgent.

That's why we are arguing that it's time for universal health care. We also want to talk about family violence in the time of COVID and the need for social solidarity right now. Finally, because we all need some cheering up, we are sharing 60 seconds with Alejandra Pineda, our wonderful Safer and Stronger Communities project officer.

Stay safe, healthy and 1.5-4 metres away.
Until next time,
The WRAP Team

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