The WRAP #61: Our end of the year edition full of giving, love and Hope!

It is time for us to wrap 2017 in a bright shiny bow and send it on its way. There have been ups, there have been downs, there have been very sad and significant losses as well as some heartfelt victories.

At MCWH we have also experienced personal losses as well as achievements. A loss we all shared was the death of Minister Fiona Richardson in August. Her passing inspired all of us in our commitment to preventing violence against women as the recent 16 Days of Activism showed. As part of that commitment, MCWH was proud to launch our Intersectionality Matters: Guide to engaging immigrant and refugee communities to prevent violence last week and we invite you all to read it.

How have we all managed to get through this roller-coaster twelve months? All in all, we think it has taken a lot of generosity, love and hope so that’s what we are focusing on in our last WRAP for the year. We are celebrating one of the year’s biggest wins and the wonderful triumph of love, discussing the gendered expectations around giving and spending 60 seconds with MCWH’s newest and brightest, Hope Mathumbu.

Have and safe and hope-filled holiday season,

The women of MCWH