The WRAP #45- Early bird, leadership and recognition and 60 Seconds with Carmel Guerra

As the days get longer, brighter and warmer we look forward to saying goodbye to winter and welcoming spring. Spring is all about rejuvenation, renewal and new life and for any new life to blossom, there needs to be the proper care in place. This month we look at the factors that prevent women, especially from migrant or refugee backgrounds, from accessing crucial antenatal care within the first few months of pregnancy.

We also consider findings from a recent study that indicate that non-Anglo populations are highly underrepresented in leadership positions across Australia and in government. We know from our own PACE (Participation, Advocacy, Community, Engagement) women’s leadership program, that immigrant and refugee women make great leaders and this underrepresentation needs to change.

Speaking of other changes that need to happen: gender, race and age need to be considered in tandem when improving the lives of women.  For example, older women, particularly those in aged care, are susceptible to financial, physical and sexual abuse. You can read our recent submission to the Australian Law Reform Commission Inquiry on Elder Abuse for solutions on how we can overcome the language barriers and social isolation that can leave immigrant women in aged care vulnerable to abuse.

Finally, we also feature Carmel Guerra, CEO of Centre for Multicultural Youth in this month’s 60 seconds who is working on improving equality in education for women across the globe.

Until next time,
The WRAP Team