The WRAP #44: Feeling at home in the birthing suite, embracing hysteria and 60 seconds with Ozana Bozic

We’re officially over the mid-year hurdle and just like the Olympians, we’re warming up for the many exciting events we have planned for the second half of 2016.

In this month’s WRAP we look at the importance of providing bilingual labour companions for immigrant and refugee women during childbirth.  Findings from our Bilingual Labour Companion Project show that bilingual labour companions meet a need for culturally responsive support that extends beyond language and culture.

We also join in the animated media discussion following Steve Price’s “hysterical” comment on Q & A and harness it as a positive force for creating a just society.

Lastly, we have 60 seconds with our office superwoman, Administration Finance Officer Ozana Bozic (we’d seriously be lost without her!).

Until next time,
The WRAP team