The WRAP #41 – Mainstream Multiculturalism, Human Rights and 60 Seconds with Shabnam Daliri

Greetings WRAPpers!

April has brought us the highly anticipated findings from the Royal Commission into Family Violence. As an organisation that works to promote women’s health, safety and well-being, we couldn’t be prouder that research we’ve undertaken has contributed to the report identifying how family violence impacts on immigrant and refugee communities. Given that the vast proportion of women in Victoria were either born overseas or are first generation Australians, we certainly hope that the findings will support the development of easily accessible multilingual and culturally appropriate services and information as part of the mainstream response.

We also re-visit the issue of international students’ rights, and find that not only do they continue to face exploitation, racism and discrimination, but that female students in particular continue to be severely under supported in accessing equitable and affordable sexual and reproductive healthcare.

As strong advocates for immigrant and refugee women’s rights, MCWH will be discussing the impact of the Royal Commission findings on immigrant and refugee communities at our upcoming panel.

We hope to see you there!

Until next time,
The WRAP team