The WRAP #35- Tackling tokenism, broaching breastfeeding and 60 seconds with Rosi Aryal

Greetings Wrappers!

As August draws to an end we look forward to spring and to new beginnings. We look forward to seeing what tangible action comes from the Royal Commission into Family Violence public hearings that took place over the course of this month. It was great to see the issue of family violence getting the attention it deserves, but we also look at what more needs to be done in addressing violence in the context of immigrant and refugee women.

As we celebrate these new discussions around family violence, we also revisit an age-old debate about breastfeeding. From how long to do it, to whether or not women should breastfeed in public, opinions about breastfeeding abound and that’s why now, more than ever, we need to make breastfeeding a feminist issue!

In case you missed it, our Executive Director Adele Murdolo and our NETFA Project Officer Zubaidah Shaburdin were on ABC 24’s Let’s Talk About It program on their segment on FGM/C in Australia. You can watch it from the 8.30 min mark here

Happy reading, and until next time!
The WRAP team