The WRAP #34: Caring, Contemplating the Commission and 60 seconds with Mi Nguyen

Time is truly whizzing by Wrappers.

It’s July and as we see out the old financial year and welcome in the new, it’s hard not be preoccupied by budgets, balance sheets and generally asking ourselves how things are adding up. Some of us are dreading doing our tax return while others are dreaming of getting back a little extra cash to splash on a long-desired treat!

Money is definitely on our minds but this is also a good time to reflect back on the first seven months of the year and ask ourselves what we should really value.

So this WRAP we are talking about what we have cared about this year, starting with the work of immigrant and refugee carers. Their work is unpaid but it is certainly immeasurable. We have also valued the increased conversation Australians are having about stopping violence against women. We look optimistically to how this can change in the future, and hope that by the time the tax person calls again in 2016, we will have some positive reflections on strategies and programs that have been implemented to prevent violence against all women, but particularly including refugee and immigrant women.

And of course we couldn’t let the month go by without valuing another fantastic 60 seconds with Mi Nguyen!

Until next month,
The WRAP team