The WRAP #32: Exploitation of migrant workers, defining violence and 60 seconds with Zubaidah Shaburdin

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There has been a lot of talk about violence against women lately, in the home, in the workplace and on the street. One the one hand, we couldn’t be happier that such an important issue is finally getting the coverage it warrants. On the other hand, it’s a hard thing to see just how stark reality is. National Sorry Day, tomorrow, will be a powerful reminder that violence exists in the structures and systems that are so often taken for granted, which is something we all need to recognise. But the month has also brought us some silver linings – we couldn’t be happier that Ireland has legalised same sex marriage this week and we are looking forward to the International Day of Action for Women’s Health on May 28th!

This WRAP we’re finding the exploitation of temporary migrants a bit hard to swallow, rethinking our definitions of violence and then we’ve got our own silver lining of 60 seconds with our newest MCWH project officer, Zubaidah Shaburdin.

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