The WRAP #27: Where to from here?, Where is the data? and 60 seconds with Kristine Olaris

Hi there WRAP readers!

As you are probably well aware, we’re visiting your inboxes in the midst of the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence. Our friends at Women’s Health East have produced this fabulous video in case you need motivation!

Right now around the office, many of us are busy running towards the end of the year, rushing to meet deadlines and make preparations for end of year celebrations (like ourAGM next week). So, even for a great cause, the thought of embarking on 16 days of activism was exhausting.

But now that it’s here, we’ve realised that acting against gender violence isn’t a high-cardio, mad dash. It’s a marathon, and we’ve already come a long way.

Compared to a few years ago, public awareness of the issue has never been higher and support for the elimination of violence has never been stronger. It’s gratifying to see that an issue that is so important for women is receiving the attention it deserves. It’s also a time to ask, where to from here?

So this WRAP we are asking about the next steps in preventing gender violence, we are demanding data (aren’t we always!) and then we are spending an energising 60 seconds with Kristine Olaris, the CEO of Women’s Health East.

'Together For Equality & Respect - Preventing violence against women in Melbourne's East'
‘Together For Equality & Respect – Preventing violence against women in Melbourne’s East’