The WRAP #26: Rainbows, risky business and 60 seconds with Daine Lauren

dia de los muertos 7a (banjo_boy/flickr)
banjo_boy dia de los muertos 7a


Beyond the opportunities for sugar provided by Halloween this weekend, beyond All Saint’s Day, All Soul’s Day and Ashura, which all fall in the next few days, this is a special time of year for many lucky Melbournians and Victorians: because next week is ‘Cup week’.

Yes, whether you like or despise horse racing and all its silky charms, you cannot look the gift horse of a public holiday in the mouth, and even less so one that is on a Tuesday, making the dream of a four day weekend that much more achievable.

It’s little wonder then that, however we spend the day, many of us will have a bit of “a flutter”, that is, a bet on who’ll win the Cup. Often, the most we stand to lose is a few dollars and the right to brag about our knowledge of horses. But studying the form guide this week has make us think about all the other risks we take in our lives, especially with our health, and why.

So this WRAP we are talking about the risky business of gambling, weighing up the health benefits for LGBTIQ women, and all of us for that matter, of harmony and belonging. And after all that we are lucky to have the chance to spend 60 seconds with Daine Lauren.