The WRAP #12: RU486, the invisibly employed and 60 seconds with Monica Chhay

It’s hard to believe that twelve months have flown by but this issue marks the WRAP’s first birthday!

Thank you for the encouragement and inspiration so far, and particular thanks to the wonderful women who have featured in our ’60 seconds’ piece … they give us far more than a minute of their time each month, and are just as generous with their wisdom and their wit.

To celebrate our twelfth issue, we’re talking about RU486 (isn’t everyone!), employment and then we have a coffee-fuelled 60 seconds with Monica Chhay.

But first, we started the WRAP because we wanted to share our take on women’s research, advocacy and policy issues. But have we? Has the WRAP ever made you think again about a topic that we’ve covered? Have you disagreed, agreed, or just had a good read? As a birthday favour, we’d love you to visit us on facebook or twitter or email us with feedback and tell it to us straight … we can handle it, we’re much more mature now.

Until next time,
The WRAP Team