The Too Hard Basket: Migrant women and the health system

Excerpted from SBS
Podcast episode by Catriona Stirrat
Published 21 November 2022

Delaram Ansari is Senior Policy Advisor at the Multicultural Centre for Women’s Health, and explains how systemic and structural barriers prevent women from multicultural backgrounds from accessing culturally safe sexual and reproductive healthcare.

“We know that regional access is limited, particularly with certain services. Let’s say with abortion care and abortion services, there are limited access in certain regional areas.”

“But to kind of add to that, it is likely that even those limited services don’t offer culturally appropriate or in language services, or perhaps they don’t have interpreter services or in language resources.”

“So I think there are a lot of layers that kind of intersect with each other. That’s why we use an intersectional approach to looking at issues.”

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