The government’s talking to migrant community leaders, but where are the women?

“MCWH, supported by a coalition of 19 other women’s health and advocacy organisations, is now calling on the Victorian government to recognise the pivotal role migrant women play in multicultural leadership by working alongside migrant women and their representative organisations.

“It is time to listen to migrant women about their experiences and needs to ensure that they can access specific support throughout this crisis,” Murdolo said.

“Migrant women’s leadership is crucial to an effective, community-based, preventative response to the pandemic.”

She added that organisations that provided support services for migrant women needed more help so they could effectively reach out to women living in COVID hot-spots and high density public housing across Victoria.

“There is a need for trained peer health educators to positively engage communities with tailored, accurate and multilingual information and support,” she said.

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