COVID-19 Vaccine Projects Nov 2021B

“Before attending the session, I was refusing the idea of taking a new vaccine that I hear it has serious side effects. This session has changed my attitude as the vaccine is effective and safe.”

COVID-19 Vaccination Project participant

COVID-19 Vaccine Projects Nov 2021A

“I have received valuable information about the vaccine types, side effects and effectiveness. I did not know the vaccine could lower the morbidity or getting severe symptoms that need hospitalization up to 0%”

COVID-19 Vaccination Project participant

PACE November 2021

The other day, we went to [another organisation’s] training session and came out with nothing. They spoke so fast and didn’t know how to make it relevant to our needs. Instead, you make it meaningful for migrant and multicultural communities. I really love these sessions. It’s only two hours, but you use the time well. I hope this program gets refunded because thousands of migrant women will benefit from this.

PACE 2021 training participant

PACE August 2021b

Great program I attended. I'm looking forward to the future opportunities of collaboration so that we can link many Nepalese migrant women to the various available services and raise awareness on health issues.

Manju Khadka, National Women Coordinator Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA) Australia

PACE August 2021

This course helped to develop our knowledge, confidence, leadership, public speaking and lot more skills in our career journey... we can achieve our personal goals and help our community too.

PACE training participant

PACE Course, July 2021B

I really appreciate your excellent work and guidance. I enjoyed with this program while participating & sharing our experiences also.

PACE training participant

PACE Course, July 2021A

Thanks so much the opportunity given me to participate this valuable leadership program. I've gained my skills, knowledge, confidence & experience. PACE leadership program supported me to achieve  goals in my career life later.

PACE training participant

Multilingual Women’s Health Education Course, July 2021G

The team who delivered this course are friendly, knowledgeable and professional.

Health Education Course Participant

Multilingual Women’s Health Education Course, July 2021F

The health topics and content focused on women’s which is important and relevant to my role. The learning environment was very encouraging and felt safe to participate. The trainers were very open minded and tried to meet the needs of the participants.

Health Education Course Participant

Multilingual Women’s Health Education Course, July 2021E

The course overall was really great. the reading materials was really helpful. I have gained knowledge from the course and find it really helpful.

Health Education Course Participant