AMES Camp – Nov 2022 – Partner feedback

I know how valuable your information session if for our clients. They love it and I am sure they get lot out of it. On behalf of AMES Australia and our clients we want to say big thank you to MCWH for providing most valuable information session and goodie bags to our clients. We really appreciate what you do for these women who will never have time or knowledge to look after themselves and their need otherwise.

Reshma Manandhar, Community Engagement Officer AMES Australia

PACE October 2022 b

It was a real pleasure to participate in this initiative and to connect with like-minded migrant women. It is a wonderful program, which has provided us with valuable knowledge and skills on how to be leaders in our communities and the wider society. I believe that more such initiatives should exist in order to support migrant women and help them adjust to Australian culture and lifestyle.

PACE Women's Leadership Course Participant

PACE October 2022

Thank you very much for sending through my certificate. I am really happy and proud of myself for this achievement and competing the program! I am also very humbled and honoured by the positive feedback the other participants provided about me.

PACE Women's Leadership Course Participant

Sediqa Karimi – National Health Educator Support Officer – on leaving MCWH

We don’t just work towards a common goal; we support and empower each other. And that is rare and cannot be found in every workplace. So, thank you for being who you are and for making this team wholesome.

Sediqa Karimi (MCWH staff member in 2022)

COVID-19 Vaccine Projects Nov 2021H

Thank you very much for the information, I now have some things to share with people I know who still do not want to be vaccinated.

COVID-19 Vaccination Project participant

COVID-19 Vaccine Projects Nov 2021G

When I watch press briefings or conferences, one of the concerns being mentioned is reaching out to CALD communities. I am very pleased with this session as it is an opportunity where information about COVID-19 is explained to us in our language.

COVID-19 Information Session Host

COVID-19 Vaccine Projects Nov 2021F

“Thank you so much for your great help and I will cherish your support. I've had my second dose at my friend's clinic on 17th and received the certificate. Your support is such a good start and make my vaccination journey smoothly.”

COVID-19 Vaccination Project participant

COVID-19 Vaccine Projects Nov 2021E

“The doctor is so professional and reduced my hesitancy towards vaccines. I will book an appointment for AZ soon.”

COVID-19 Vaccination Project participant

COVID-19 Vaccine Projects Nov 2021D

“Thank you for coming to speak with us about getting vaccinated and answering our questions.”

COVID-19 Vaccination Project participant

COVID-19 Vaccine Projects Nov 2021C

“I was hesitated to take the vaccine, but after attending the session, I will definitely book an appointment and get it.”

COVID-19 Vaccination Project participant