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Happy International Women’s Day to all the remarkable women who continue to leave their mark and create a better pathway for women all around the world.

There is still work to be done –but let’s take this moment to celebrate, acknowledge and acclaim all women who have in their own way contributed to how migrant and refugee women have evolved all around the world with such strength and respect.

Technology and social media has extended and changed the ways that organisations like ours can reach women, and the ways women can reach information. MCWH aims to support women’s health and wellbeing all around the world, by making health information more accessible in more languages.  Our collection includes archival items from Australia’s history of migrant and refugee women’s activism that are both nostalgic and awe-inspiring.

We invite you to visit the MCWH library and share part of Australian migrant & refugee women’s feminist history. We also encourage you to sign up for monthly updates about new multilingual information through our mailing list.