Parisa Shiran PhD

Executive Assistant

Parisa joined MCWH in 2021, supporting Dr Adele Murdolo in her role as Executive Director. Parisa has a PhD is Comparative Literature and Gender Studies from University of Melbourne. Her research focused on the topic of motherhood across Anglo-European and Persian cultures at the intersection of feminism, psychoanalysis, literature, and philosophy. As such, Parisa is interested in research and advocacy about all topics related to motherhood and maternity. Parisa lectured and tutored in literary studies at University of Melbourne from 2015 to 2019, before deciding to leave academia to put her knowledge and skills in the service of community development and gender and racial equity, especially in areas of mental health and violence against women and children. Parisa is a passionate advocate for an intersectional approach to prevention of violence against women and children. In 2021, she was awarded a Certificate of Recognition for her critical research contributions to COVID-19 Global Gender Response Tracker, a joined initiative of UN Women and UNDP after the rise of violence against women during COVID-19 Pandemic. Parisa is a regular volunteer in her local community programs addressing mental health literacy but also raising the awareness of policy and decision makers about the specific barriers migrant and refugee women face for accessing mental health support services.

In her spare time, Parisa enjoys playing jigsaw puzzles, watching stand-up comedy, or going on a shopping spree.

Parisa speaks English and Farsi and understands Dari.