MWHA Roundtable: Building a national picture of immigrant and refugee women's health


Last week MCWH hosted a two-day roundtable for members of our national multicultural women’s health network, which has been developed as part of the the Multicultural Women’s Health Australia program.

The occasion provided a rare opportunity to survey the current landscape for immigrant and refugee women’s health and wellbeing across Australia. Apart from our member in the NT, every state and territory was represented and contributed valuable information about the pressing issues immigrant and refugee women are facing in Australia today.

We’d like to sincerely thank our network members for making the trip to Melbourne (for many a very long one) to sit down together and share our experiences face to face. It was a rewarding and empowering experience and we look forward to the continuing growth of the national network in strength and shared passion to improve the health and wellbeing of immigrant and refugee women.

(Pictured from left: top row, Angela Carnovale, Women’s Centre for Health Matters (ACT); Jasmin Chen (MCWH); Adele Murdolo (MCWH); Andrea Creado, Ishar Multicultural Centre for Women’s Health (WA); Vivienne Strong, Women’s Health at Work Program (NSW); Ashley Mattson, Red Cross Tasmania Bicultural Health Program (TAS); bottom row, Jan Williams, Migrant Health Service (SA); Al Hines, Red Cross Tasmania Migration Support Programs (TAS); Regina Quiazon (MCWH); and Cecilia Barassi-Rubio, Immigrant Women’s Support Service (QLD).