MCWH reads: Adele’s bedside stack

We love our books here at MCWH, and our Executive Director, Adele Murdolo has a great bedside stack! She’s currently reading:
  1. Bagheria by Dacia Maraini

AM: I’m enjoying Maraini’s feminist memoir at the moment because it allows me to time and place travel to 1940s/50s Sicily. Bagheria lulls me in with Maraini’s evocative descriptions of the beautiful smells, vistas and speciality foods of her ancestral home. But breaking the lull are her casual references to normalised violence against women and girls, and rigid gendered and class social norms. The references are jarring, but I guess that’s her point.


2)   Thick by Tressie McMillan Cottom.

AM: I’m really enjoying dipping in and out of this volume of McMillan Cottom’s feminist sociological reflections on race, gender, beauty and politics. It’s been a slow read because I find I need to take time after reading a chapter to reflect and think. A super stimulating treat!
3)   Sweatshop Women V2, edited by Winnie Dunn.
AM: I highly recommend this volume of short stories, poetry and visual portraits by Australian, diasporic women of colour. It will connect you to the lives, words and views of women writers and artists of colour, which are interesting, expansive, funny and beautifully articulated.
What are you reading?