Invitation to Public Forum: 'Does Feminism Speak for All Women?'

SEMINARFeminism is making a comeback. In Australia, feminism is increasingly becoming a part of pop culture, politics, and a dominant topic in the world of social media. Internationally, struggles by women all over the world are adding to the significance of feminism. Women are reclaiming feminism for a new era and applying it to the context of their lives.

But does feminism today speak for all women?

One of the critiques of feminism is that it does not represent the diversity of women’s experiences, by making sweeping assumptions of what feminism means. In particular, feminism can be seen to disregard the complexities of racialised/gendered identity.

With the resurgence of feminism, now more than ever, it is important to ensure that feminism gets it right.

What areas of feminism need to be challenged to ensure it truly works to further the interests of all women, regardless of background? What would this new feminism look and sound like?

Featuring a panel of 3 amazing young feminists, this not to be missed forum will raise key questions about feminism today.

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