Intersectionality Matters: A new resource for preventing violence against women

MCWH is thrilled to launch the Intersectionality Matters: Guide to engaging immigrant and refugee communities to prevent violence against women.

An earlier version of this resource was developed for Women’s Health Services in Victoria.

Based on positive feedback, the guide has been broadened to address a wider audience. The Intersectionality Matters Guide aims to help people and organisations develop violence prevention approaches, strategies and activities in a way that meaningfully engages immigrant and refugee communities.

The Guide is divided into three parts: how to approach prevention, essential ingredients for meaningful violence prevention, and prevention in practice.

Click here to download the Intersectionality Matters guide in pdf format

You can also contact MCWH to order a physical copy.

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    1. Tracy, thank you so much! We have worked really hard to develop a resource that is written in plain language and will help to facilitate more conversations. The training and other work that you do at Shantiworks continues to inspire us and has definitely contributed to our thinking around intersectionality, so we hope that you like it and we’d love to hear any feedback you have in the future. I’ll put a copy in the post for you. Best wishes, for the end of the year. – Jasmin@MCWH

  1. I’ve just read your guide and loved it! So practical, clearly expressed and insightful. Thanks MCWH and congratulations Jasmin!