Healthy Lives, Healthy Futures Project Success


Healthy Lives Healthy Futures Project

This week MCWH and Turning Point celebrated the success of the Healthy Lives, Healthy Futures project after 2 years of working together with 6 fabulous ethno-specific organisations focusing on youth:  Arabic Welfare; Australian Vietnamese Women’s Association; Australian Federation of International Students; Centre for Multicultural Youth; New Hope Foundation; and Southern Ethnic Advisory and Advocacy Council. The half day celebration was an exciting opportunity to share experiences and results.

Together, we have delivered over 55 education sessions, including community events, youth camps and radio broadcasts. We’ve reached over 1200 participants across Victoria, both men and women, parents and children. Sessions have been delivered in 6 languages and to over 26 different cultural groups including a large number of international students.

Overall, participants have responded positively to alcohol information, sharing their personal stories, asking lots of questions and engaging in activities. Key themes that emerged across sessions include limited alcohol and other drug literacy, family breakdown and alcohol related violence. Different cultural perspectives on alcohol use and misuse, as well as key factors influencing the use of alcohol have also been identified.

The feedback from the day was that Healthy Lives Healthy Futures has been an excellent starting point for reducing alcohol-related harm in young people and, we hope, will be the beginning of more collaborative partnerships.

Check out our Healthy Lives Healthy Futures animation here.

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