‘Don’t miss those symptoms’: Australians urged to attend cancer appointments amid coronavirus drop off

Telehealth not an option for all

But accessing those telehealth services is not so straightforward for everyone in Australia, according to Multicultural Centre for Women’s Health CEO Adele Murdolo.

“Where it’s on the phone and there are already language barriers, and we know that there have always been difficulties getting interpreting for all health consultations that are needed, we know that telehealth isn’t going to be an option for all migrant women,” she said.

Dr Murdolo said providing information in languages other than English about what services are open and safe would be integral to getting everyone back into their usual health routines.

“When it comes to specific health issues … it has been really difficult to find that information in languages other than English,” she said.

“If you do have cancer and you’re wanting to weigh up the risks … it is really difficult to access that information.”

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