Celebrating immigrant and refugee women


We think immigrant and refugee women are generally pretty amazing, so it’s never really a surprise to see them succeed, even when the pathway to success has not been smooth.

This week MCWH was privileged to complete a wonderful journey with a group of twenty women from as many diverse cultural backgrounds, as they successfully graduated from the MCWH Multicultural Women’s Health Course. The women completed the accredited 12-day training program in women’s health, acquiring the skills and knowledge required to provide bilingual health education to women in their communities and workplaces. Twelve of the graduates are aged care workers from the Southern Cross aged care facility who have been supported by the facility to participate in the training and to become women’s health mentors in their workplaces in the future. The remaining eight graduates, we’re proud to say, have been recruited to work as new MCWH Bilingual Health Educators, making a wonderful addition to the range of languages we can offer to the community in health education. We heartily congratulate all the graduates and look forward to an ongoing working relationship.

We extend our appreciation to the wonderful trainers and supporting staff, to Ian Barton from Southern Cross Care, and of course to the graduates who worked so hard to successfully complete the course.