A second Australian dies from blood clot likely linked to AstraZeneca vaccine

Is information about hotspots being translated into key languages other than English for Victorians from migrant and refugee backgrounds?

Excerpt of Greg Dyett interviewing Adele Murdolo

SBS News in Depth Radio
Aired on 10 June 2021

“If you watch the press conferences you get that information straight away or then its published in the English language press, where those exposure sites are, but I actually was unable to find that information in languages other than English anywhere, which means that people who aren’t tapped into those English language modes of communications are either delayed in getting that information or they don’t have that information accessible at all.

Adele Murdolo says another challenge is a lack of access to what she calls good data. Not only about COVID but mostly about the vaccine, who’s getting the vaccine and to what extent are people who speak a language other than English engaging in the vaccine education and getting the vaccine and to what extent are they missing out. So I think we can definitely get the data according to geographic location, but not necessarily according to language spoken or country of birth, so that is a bit of a challenge in terms of understanding where the gaps might be and where we might need to increase our efforts in terms of vaccine education in particular languages or amongst particular cultural groups.”

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