WRAP #96

The WRAP #96: That consent video, the value of a dollar (or 68 cents) and 60 seconds with Fay Xu

Dear WRAP family,

We want to share our care and thoughts with everyone with loved ones in India at this very frightening time. So many of us are impacted by events beyond the borders of this country, and it can be a powerless and lonely feeling. But we are here together.

The devastating escalation of COVID-19 overseas reminds us of how easily situations can change, and how vital it is that here in Australia, everyone, including migrant and refugee women, have access to the accurate, in-language information they need to make informed and timely decisions about their health and safety.

It is also vital that everyone, including migrant and refugee women, have safe working conditions and do not need to put themselves at unnecessary risk. On this World Day of Health and Safety at Work we pay our respects to all the many migrant women health professionals and support service workers who have been forced to put their own health at greater risk for the sake of others. Health and safety in the workplace is everyone’s right.

Providing adequate support and education requires adequate financial investment. Anticipating the release of the Victorian Budget on 20 May, our first article makes the case for investing in migrant women’s health. We also HAD to write an article about consent after watching the infamous milkshake advertisement… we are still shaking our heads.

Finally, we bring you a very beautiful 60 seconds interview with the brilliant Fay Xu, our new Training Support Officer.

By the way, have you heard the latest episode of our Making the Links podcast? We are really proud of it.

Until next time,
The WRAP team